To celebrate the launch of our new awareness raising campaign this year, we challenge you to JUMP FOR JAMES.

At home, at work, at play or on holiday, the choice is yours.  We want everyone to get involved - every family member, friends, even pets!


Want to know what to do?

All you need to do is complete a jump, this could be any form of jumping from jumping up in the air, on a trampoline to jumping out of a plane (if the mood and professionals take you) and every kind of jump in between. 


Channel your inner ballerina, get twisty jumpy like a gymnast, or who doesn’t like jumping on a bed with the kiddies, artistic license is all yours. For more information check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


To help raise awareness we ask that you photograph and share your jump on social media using  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram.  Tag @shinebritejames and those who you think may be interested in doing the challenge too.

It would really help us if you included the following hashtags #JumpforShineBrightJames #JumpforJamesReilly #Jumpupandshine.


Shine Bright James are not looking for you to donate however donations can be made through the following link

Remember jumping is meant to be fun - stay safe. If you’re under 18, tell a parent or carer you are taking part in a Jump for James.

However you choose to take part in the campaign, any awareness or even money that you raise will be essential in helping a family with creating dreams and memories with their precious child.


Why should you Take Part?


The charity help families at a very vulnerable time in their life.  Their child has been diagnosed with a life limiting, life shortening terminal condition. They don’t know how long they will have with their child and they should have the opportunity to spend that time without worrying about mounting debt, without spending all their time at work and not with their child, without worrying about how to pay for unexpected bills, or equipment that they sorely want to make their and their Childs life easier but it’s just not available to them. Shine Bright James help families when their child is still here with them, which helps bring some joy but they also help families when they have experienced that devastating loss. They assist in making services the way they imagine to honour their child, take time to grieve or counselling.

An estimated 15000 children and young people (aged 0-19) in Scotland have a life-limiting or life-threatening condition. CHAS receive approximately 115 new referrals each year, however due to their own new initiatives this number is climbing. At the moment they care for approximately 380 children and young people and their families each year.

But we need your help to do all of that.  That’s where you and your willingness to raise awareness comes in, it’s time to jump up and help these families.


Will you Jump for James?


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